Shel Israel makes some astute observations about the nature of one’s social network. He’s far too social (read: non-geeky) to have discussed it in terms of star vs. mesh topology but his observation made me consider that these are the two ends of the social network spectrum. More star-like and you’re either a focal point or a nexus; more mesh-like and you’re involved in one or more vibrant, potentially overlapping social communities. I’d also posit that full connection (all members are connected to all other members) is the most vibrant a community can possibly be.

This got me wondering if anyone’s thinking about topology of social networks; searching a bit says yes, but in communities I didn’t expect: computer and human virus vector studies, automated agents, and counter-terrorism. In and amongst all that, I tripped over this gem which ties in one of my favorite topics, reputation, into the mix. Cool!

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30 August 2007