I’d taken peripheral notice of the Ms.-Teen-South-Carolina-Answers-A-Question meme but hadn’t checked it out because, frankly, I knew what I’d find: we’d all be laughing at a teenage girl who, despite spending an inordinate amount of her young life seeking beauty, poise and grace, blew it when presented with one of the slow-pitched softball questions pageants gently lob to their beauty queens in waiting.

I just watched the video this morning and it was all I expected and more. Frustrating and saddening, seeing how many people are reveling in a teenager’s moment of anguish using it as the basis of fallacious arguments against Southerners (I’m one), Americans (me again), and nearly any other way they can slice this to get at their favorite love-to-hate-‘em group.

Then I saw this video response, courtesy The Real News Junkies:

Right on. STFU, y’all.

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31 August 2007