With a career that’s ranged from freelance graphic design to large scale distributed computing systems architecture to leading technology organizations large and small, Jim Meyer is either a renaissance man, a geek of all trades, or an advanced case of ADD in search of the next challenging distraction.

Jim has built teams and solutions in engineering, operations, quality, and technical support; has led and engineered for Disney, DreamWorks, LinkedIn, Wealthfront, and HP (and a few others); and has even done one-line pasteups with waxed galleys, programmed in PostScript over a null-modem cable, and founded a graphic design studio (but that’s a long time ago). Along the way he’s gotten to work with some truly excellent people and had a metric ton of fun.

Jim is the father of three and husband of one, all of whom make him a better person on a daily basis, and none of whom speak of him in the third person. And they’re all betting it’s the ADD thing.