In my first post about moving from TypePad to Jekyll, I discussed a few ways you can translate your blog into Jekyll, noting that the Jekyll Importer would be the best way to go but for its lack of an MTIF importer. As I got further into the post-install cleanup, there were enough little things like lost permalinks and the like that I decided to go the whole way and add MTIF as a Jekyll importer.

Right now it’s just my fork of the jekyll-import project with a wholly untested MTIF converter implemented on the typepad_converter branch. As a bonus, it’ll convert your old posts to Markdown using Johannes Opper’s reverse_markdown gem.

If you’re desperate to use it before I get it tested and merged into jekyll-import, you could do something like this:

$ cd ~/work
$ git clone
$ cd jekyll-import
$ git checkout typepad_export
$ RUBYLIB=~/work/jekyll-import/lib jekyll import mtif --source path/to/your/mtif

Yes, I have shame for not TDD’g this. I’ll confess that I don’t TDD when I’m exploring something new as I’m usually learning so much that my test hypotheses are crap at the beginning.

Cue discussion of ends and means and justifications.

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26 April 2015


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