I’ve been using Typepad to blog for nearly ten years now. When I started, I was a geek with typographic and design skills but very little feel for how to employ them on the web; Typepad made it easy to focus on the content and plug in a reasonable design.

Since then, I’ve learned more about front-end web engineering, gotten busier, and have generally meant to move onto something more controllable. That always seemed to mean setting up a full app, which seemed a bit of overkill for my blog … so I never got to it. Then along came the combination of Jekyll and Github Pages and now I’m making the jump. I’m using the So Simple theme as a starting point, but who knows where it will go? I don’t.

I’m sure things will be a bit bumpy around here for a bit. Hopefully I’ll blog a bit more about some of those bumps, and a bit more about leadership as well.

No promises.

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18 April 2015


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