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Thanks for the notes and video link Jim,
Very interesting perspective on Ops and Engg relationship. Thanks for sharing!.

Richard Watkins

very interesting topic and perfect timing for me Jim - I'm struggling to make headway with some operational challenges at work at the moment, and on reading this and viewing all the slides, I think the biggest problem has come from dev and ops never talking to one another - dev has built code without thinking of how it will be deployed, managed and upgraded and ops has never been able to communicate what it needs and why back to dev. I think all the technical solutions they're trying to put in place to fix heir problems are just masking the real problem, which is neither team is thinking of the big picture and working to further the real needs of the business.

Jim Meyer

@Hari: Thanks, but the credit is all to John & Paul at Flickr. If you haven't watched the session video, I highly recommend taking the time. Smart, funny, and packed with observations that I tried faintly to capture.

@RCW: Good to hear from you! Yeah, I think this is a challenge that most folks face -- it's too easy to specialize and demonize, too hard to generalize and empathize. From what I can tell, Flickr's got it knocked -- but only because they pay close attention and work to keep it that way.

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