Velocity 2009, the conference about performance, is very high-performance about getting people on and off stage (and high density around content)

Umang Gupta, Vik Chaudhary (Keynote)

(omitted: Keynote history, 15 years of continuous improvement, etc.)

Debuting Transaction Perpective 9.0 (TXP9)

  • Embeds real IE browser for monitoring
  • Adds “screen sensing” technology
  • Esp. useful for “next web” apps: flash, video, voice, SMS/mobile—composit transactions or flows

(demo: reservations site for The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, very flash-integrated with lots of client-side action. “Challenge of screen sensing what’s going on on the screen is non-trivial”. Also and Mini-Cooper flash site)

Using KITE platform/desktop environment to record what you’re doing. You click around, type, etc. and it records a script.

(This is somewhat like what they do at [DeviceAnywhere] for mobile device testing. They don’t focus on UX or perf; they’re more on QA testing side)

Script runs and collects UX and Network times. UX time is net time + client-side execution + rendering. Also shows augmented waterfall inclusive of client-side computation, etc.

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23 June 2009