I’m feeling particularly masochistic today, so I’m going to tackle a project I’ve been putting off for a while: moving a Rails 1.2.6 app in our subversion repository into github, then updating it to Rails 2.1.

The first part, getting from svn to github, should be relatively painless according to github’s “Importing From SVN” guide. It is, as long as you have already created your github repo (I hadn’t) and already have git-svn installed (I didn’t). So here’s the expanded tutorial

  1. Create your github repo

  2. Be sure you have git-svn installed. I didn’t, so here’s what I had to do:

sudo port uninstall git-core
sudo port install git-core +svn

I had a bit of trouble with the serf port breaking during build time:

--->  Building serf with target allError: Target org.macports.build returned: shell command " cd "/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_ports_www_serf/work/serf-0.2.0" && make all " returned error 2Command output: /opt/local/share/apr-1/build/libtool --silent --mode=compile /usr/bin/gcc-4.0 -O2 -I/opt/local/include -DDARWIN -DSIGPROCMASK_SETS_THREAD_MASK -no-cpp-precomp -I. -I/opt/local/include/apr-1 -I/opt/local/include/apr-1  -c -o buckets/aggregate_buckets.lo buckets/aggregate_buckets.c && touch buckets/aggregate_buckets.lolibtool: compile: unable to infer tagged configurationlibtool: compile: specify a tag with `--tag'make: *** [buckets/aggregate_buckets.lo] Error 1Error: The following dependencies failed to build: p5-svn-simple subversion-perlbindings serf p5-term-readkeyError: Status 1 encountered during processing.

… so I got all medieval on it, building it manually, then finishing the port install:

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07 August 2008


hacking ruby/rails