Was checking in to get the details on where and when to be there and, courtesy of a semi-random chat with my friend Evan, decided to propose not one, but two non-technical sessions tomorrow:

  1. Werewolf 101: Rending Your Friends For Fun And Profit!
  2. Taking a Leap of Faith: Letting Your Values Run Your Life, A Story in Three Acts

And then, being the nervous sort, I had to write up some fast notes on what I’ll say in either.

The second one surprised me a bit and, frankly, I’ll be surprised if anyone bites on it. But it’s a topic which I’ve studied to considerable depth and about which I’m passionate … and sometimes people actually want some ideas on how to think about their lives and consider what they want to make of them.

Six hours to sleep, up and shower, and an hour to drive. Wheee!

(p.s. yes, the WW101 class is really just a ploy to play some Werewolf. And maybe get a game together for that night. Would be fun to go back to the Velvet Cloak Inn …)

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01 August 2008


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