I’m on the plane to Salt Lake City for Mountain West Ruby Conference and am fairly excited to get the chance to see several people I haven’t seen for months. In all fairness, the only reason I’m not “really excited” is not seeing my family for two hard travel days with very little sleep likely to happen; sorry, Carl, Cobie, and the rest of you, but Beth, Sam, and Cassie have my heart.

I also realized that, since I joined LinkedIn’s Light Engineering Development group*, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t blogged anything significant. While I’ve been silent, my team and I created LinkedIn’s first fully public-facing Rails app, LinkedIn Mobile; I’ve also been thinking and learning about OpenSocial, microformats, digital identity, web services and discoverability in social networks, and scalable web architecture for both Rails and J2EE.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to start posting a bit more again; if we’re both lucky, there’ll even be some code. =]

*Light as in “lightweight and agile,” though it’s fun to say, “Yeah, we make light. There’s another team responsible for making dark.”

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28 March 2008