I’m working to set up my MacBook Pro to properly allow email from the Terminal command line (e.g. “generate_big_text Mail -s ‘Your Big Text Has Arrived’ joe@example.com”) and, in the process of running down what needed, found the following line in Alan Kennington’s postfix config pages:

Who on earth is “fnet”??
This must be left over from SuSE 7.1.
This is in the passwd file:

root@dog# fgrep fnet /etc/passwdfnet:x:49:14:FidoNet:/var/spool/fnet:/bin/bash

Who on earth is FidoNet???

From his profile pic, he’s old enough to have at least *heard* of the largest non-commercial pre-Internet message forum on the planet. Really.

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14 December 2007