I’ve been staring at the specs for the Nikon D40 (and D40x), Canon Digital Rebel XT/350D (and XTi/400D), and the Pentax K100D (and K100D Super) for over a year. 6 megapixels vs. 10, shake reduction in camera, dust removal, weight, lenses, reputation … I’ve been mulling this one pretty heavily, more than on our last car purchase (Toyota Sienna with all the geek family features like navigation and dvd … a no brainer ;)

I had a target rig of camera, basic 18-55mm lens, zoom lens somewhere between 200-300mm, polarizers for both, rechargeable batteries, a couple of reasonable-sized SD cards, and a bag; my budget was ~$750 for the whole deal. Thus, I waited. And waited. And waited. And it was getting closer and closer to working out as long as I mail ordered from someplace in BFE … then Black Friday came.

Pentax is offering a $100 rebate on the K100D Super kit. Ritz Camera offered a free Quantaray 70-300mm zoom lens. And now I have my camera.

Expect pictures soon. =]

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25 November 2007