I installed Leopard last night and, after a few hours, left it doing its TimeMachine thing. It was an overall good experience. Here’s my quick notes:

  • I did an old-style backup of my disk by rsyncing it to an external drive. This doesn’t make the Migration Assistant a happy camper, so I got the joy of hand-copying the bits I wanted back over. I now know more about the contents of the Library than I ever wanted.
  • My basic four apps (TextMate, Terminal, Firefox, and Thunderbird) all just picked up where they left off, prefs and all (see above). Yay!
  • My calendar, tasks, and address book all reverted to some earlier time. I think I missed some Library things. Joy. Well, they’re backed up (and on my Treo and Google Calendar). I’ll work it out this week.
  • I’ve finally got Spaces! Used to use You Control Desktops, which did one thing I can’t seem to do in Spaces: different wallpaper per space. Someone’s got to have figured this out.
  • No iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, or iWeb? I must have missed something (maybe the memo)
  • Had to be sure I got all my dotfiles over (I’m a pretty shell-oriented kinda guy)
  • Changing my login shell to tcsh turned out to be long and painful, but it’s done for now … until next time …
  • My /etc/hosts is pretty heavily hacked, so that had to come, too
  • MacPorts: copy or reinstall? I opted for the latter. I’ll be refinding things for months, I’m sure, but I want to try to start with the Leopard Ruby I’ve heard such joy about and go from there.

Haven’t yet gone through the fun of BootCamp, though I’m oddly looking forward to it. I’m going to see if that plus Parallels can cope with Vista on a partition yet (and how bloaty it’ll be to have an Office install on the Vista partition).

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12 November 2007


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