We’re now 50 minutes behind schedule. Woot! Also, Dave McClure “dated himself” by mentioning back when he was programming VB was the rage. Made me chuckle.

Platform, Apps, and Metrics
Dave Morin, Facebook

FB is a tech company.

[I stepped out for a moment]

Concentrated pretty heavily in 18-24, but outside of that bias it’s fairly in line with average demographics.

More than 50% users return daily. They like this; they want to be a utility. 60B pages per day, ~6th most trafficed site. They watch this but try not to pay too much attention to it.

FB doesn’t want to own the social graph, just to map it as efficiently as possible.

They try to focus on allowing people to represent their identity online well.

Then, they try to make it really easy for people to communicate, both 1-to-1 and 1-to-many. It strengthens relationships.

They’ve grown ~3%/week. This has made the social graph stronger. The 43-millionth user gets the same utility from the social graph as the first [me: I’d argue more value, but he’s being modest]

FB is the largest photo sharing site on the net, because it ties into the social graph.

FB events was done in a night. And it’s more than 3x bigger than Evite.

FB Platform: Deep integration, Mass distribution, and New opportunities

What’s it mean to be open when based on user data? [he left this hanging]

They want anyone to be able to build an app as good/bad as theirs.

Three integration points: Profiles, Full Pages (canvas pages), home page

[he walks thru the elements of profiles, etc. stuff you can get better explained in the wiki]

Best practices: (looking at photos)

context is king.

Canvas page: it’s really important to represent the social context around your application. Show relevant, up-to-date content through the lens of your friends.

Content page: If a user adds a comment, they’ve bought in and are more likely to upload content, etc. Make sure you engage users as fractionally as they care to; make the threshold very low.

People aren’t using the minifeed enough. Every time a user acts in some user/group’s direction, put it on the minifeed.

Media in the feed updates (e.g. pix) drive engagement.

FB’s opportunity composed of growth, engagement, and monetization. The platform makes growth and engagement as straightforward as possible.

fbFund was launched to help seed the community with grants without taking equity to help folks “get out from under the man”

How’s it going: over 5K apps, over 100 new apps a day, over 90K developers, 80% of users have already adopted one or more apps.

He made good time; we’re now only 25 minutes behind schedule.

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09 October 2007


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