Tonight I finally, reluctantly, watched the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate held a couple of days ago at Dartmouth College. I’m one of those undecided liberals who’s convinced that we’re doing ourselves harm by moving state primaries earlier, thus extending the presidential campaign. I’ve watched it now, and I’m still undecided, though I’ll say that Sen. Dodd, Gov. Richardson, and former Sen. Gravel are off my list. Dodd weaseled, Gravel was outright bizarre, and Richardson came off a bit too idealistic for even me.

While I was at it, I checked out the SelectSmart 2008 Presidential Candidate Selector to see if their results agreed with my gut feelings. Their ratings are expressed as a percentage match between your theoretical ideal candidate’s positions and the stated positions of the potential candidates. Ironically, it does – I’m still largely undecided. All the Republicans were below a 50% match, all the Dems above it, and the five I’m still pondering (Biden, Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich, Obama) within a 10% band.

And I’m still undecided.

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29 September 2007