We played Werewolf! at the Velvet Cloak Inn where Beth and I had stayed the night before. They gave us The Charter Room for the evening as it’s currently closed for renovations. They were awesome to us, incredibly hospitable; one of the owners, David Smoot, personally worked on the air conditioning issues in the room (it was a toasty 86 when we arrived) and was about to rip the protective cover off the wall when the guy with the key called and got it sorted.

Werewolf Rules and more Pictures of the Villagers.

BTW, staying at the Velvet Cloak was incredibly great. Super hospitable, great rooms poolside, strong-fast wifi … and the Charter Room opens again in three weeks! Sorry I’ll miss it this time around, but I promised Mr. Smoot that we’d drop in next time we’re in town. And we will.

Names as best I remember them (send me more and I’ll fix this; I’m teh suck with last names it seems): Carl Youngblood, Chris Redinger, Joe Martinez, Tony Devlin, Coby Randquist, Rick DiNatale, Ted Behling, Evan Light, Marcel Molina Jr., me, Chad Fowler, Lyle Johnson, Devin Mullins. Not pictured: Ryan Daigle.

Update: So now I’m home, have slept (a little), and am rapidly correcting names as I learn them have added everyone’s names, and see that I left out the part about how astonishingly fun the games were. They were. I’m really looking forward to Rails Edge now. =]

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11 August 2007


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