Just occurred to me in the aftermath of last night’s post that capturing some thoughts about the process of getting started with Ruby on Rails. Just a quick sketch as I’m pressed for time, but here it is:

1. Read and Learn

  • Buy “ Agile Web Development with Rails” (by Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson, et al) from Pragmatic Programmers and do the whole tutorial.

  • Buy “ Programming Ruby” (by from Pragmatic Programmers and read at least the “Facets of Ruby” section

  • Buy “ Rails Recipes” (by Chad Fowler) from Pragmatic Programmers (sensing a theme?) as a great way to see known patterns mapped into Rails

  • Download and read “ Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby” if only because it’s not only informative but beautiful and a delightful departure from the traditional programming language guide.

Also, Huw Collingbourne has some other book recommendations. As an aside, I like PragProg books because you can get them as as PDFs (though only if you buy direct from them). It’s nice to be able to haul around my entire reference library without breaking my back.

2. Get Connected

3. Read and Learn, Redux

That’s all for now.

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21 August 2007