Random thoughts after a month of being a caffeinated technomad:

An iPod at appropriate volume and a ballcap at the right down-angle work as a limited sensory deprivation chamber. That is, until the baby shows up.

The Alameda Public Library is heaven to a mobile office person. The study rooms are particularly lovely.

I used to like StumbleUpon a lot. I still do. But I’m way deeper into del.icio.us than I ever was before.

RambleGeek Jim

An EVDO rev A card, while it sucks battery, lets you choose the less crowded cafe with no wifi but good coffee/art/treats.

Restaurants that close between lunch and dinner yet still let you camp out in their shaded outdoor seating are things of rare beauty. Treasure them by not abusing their kindness.

A decent computer microphone/headset combo and Skype put together are pretty dang awesome. Even better if you pony up for SkypePro, SkypeIn, and SkypeUltimate – $78/year for all the incoming, outgoing, and portability you need.

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06 July 2007