One or both of you who read this blog may already know this, but today was my first full-time day with Cucina Media, we the makers of Public Square.

Today I:

  • Fed my kids breakfast
  • Saw them off to school (Beth took them)
  • Talked with my partners about what the week holds in store
  • Talked with our development partners about what we need to do in the next few weeks
  • Met with a couple of prospective customers
  • Talked at length with Christina about the focus of our next week, month, and quarter
  • Chatted with Rob, a long-time friend and colleague who’s just returned to the US after ~9 months in Asia
  • Picked up Sam after pre-school
  • Went grocery shopping with Sam in tow
  • Cooked dinner for the family
  • Played Elmo Uno with Beth and Sam
  • Posted to my blog

It was an intense business day, with five meetings squeezed into six hours. We discussed everything from what needs to be done in the next week to the different opportunities out there for us and what it would mean – to our company and to our values – to take this or that one. Values. Objectives. What we want to do and why. Good stuff like that.

It was a very happy day. =]

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04 June 2007


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